About Kayla Spires

With a rich background rooted in the serene landscapes of the Shoalhaven in New South Wales, Kayla has recently moved to Orbost bringing a decade of experience cultivated in various corners of the workforce in; Management, Marketing, Administration, Bartending and Reception where she became a strong advocate for customer service.

Driven by her innate passion for Real Estate, Kayla seamlessly transitioned into the dynamic realm of Property Management, where she found her true calling. Through her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction, she has earned the trust and admiration of both property owners and tenants alike.

Beyond her professional experience, she eagerly delves into conversations with locals, hearing of the history of Orbost and its surrounding suburbs. Each story shared by residents adds another layer to her understanding of the area, fuelling her passion to uncover the history that make Orbost truly special.

During her spare time, Kayla enjoys gardening, painting, playing the piano, and taking her dogs for adventures,

With Kayla by your side, rest assured that your property is in capable hands, guided by professionalism, enthusiasm and an unwavering love for the world of real estate.

Kayla Spires's Properties